Receipt Filer Gold 1.0.0  is released!     While Receipt Filer Lite remains free,  the Gold version (the paid version) has better support of following:
  • Automatic detection and data import from Receipt Filer v4.2.0
  • Feature: Delete All
  • Feature: Export into zip or csv
  • Feature: Note field for receipt
  • Feature: Separate calc of sales tax
  • Feature: List/Expense Summary by year or by months
  • Feature: Add Category explicitly
Please go to Android market for installation.   For help on installation or upgrade of Receipt Filer Gold, please check Gold Help

Receipt Filer Lite (Beta) is an Android application that helps you manage receipts. With this application, you can:
  • take a picture of a receipt
  • enter its store name, amount, and date
  • save it on your phone
  • retrieve the image of the receipt later when you need it
  • send the receipt information and image through email
  • expense tracking, list by categories
  • add categories
  • hack around to accept refund
Disclaimer: Be aware that electronic copies of receipts are not replacements for original receipts, and storing receipts electronically is not suitable for receipts with sensitive data. There may be discrepancies of the features listed in this website and what are actually available. This site does not imply any type of warranty. You will need to agree to Term of Usage before using the application.

Note from developer:

If you have already tried out the "export via email" feature, Please re-export (via email) your receipt, the "amount" field on the emailed receipt was NOT correct (off by 10x) in versions earlier than 3.0.2.  Users of on-cellphone functionalities other than "export via email"  are not impacted.    Other emailed fields and the scanned receipts are not impacted.  Please download the newest version.     A big thank-you to the people who emailed me to point out the error.   

The following links will help you install and use Receipt Filer:

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