Receipt Filer Gold help

How do I upgrade to Receipt Filer Gold from Receipt Filer Lite?

Before installing Receipt Filer Gold, please first upgrade your Receipt Filer Lite to the latest version available (v4.2.0). 
Otherwise upgrade/Receipt Filer Gold or "data import" may not work.

After installing Receipt Filer Gold and entering the Gold, you will be prompted whether you want to import from "Receipt Filer Lite" (assuming
Receipt Filer Lite is detected on your android).   If you choose not to import data at this time, you will be prompted again the next time you enter
 Receipt Filer Gold.

If you are sure you will NEVER want to import data from "Receipt Filer Lite", and you will NEVER need that data again, then you can do following:
1.  you can choose "import data"  on entering Receipt Filer Gold
2.  Main Menu->"Delete All" will delete all pictures from Receipt Filer Lite, as well as the associated data in Receipt Filer Gold
This is the nuclear option, please use it carefully because your data/photo is not recoverable!!!

How do I delete all picture and data in Receipt Filer Gold?

Main Menu->"Delete All" option not only delete all picture and data from Receipt Filer Gold, it also delete all pictures taken with Receipt Filer Lite. 
Use this option carefully because these photo is not recoverable (unless you already exported them to .zip file)

How do I transfer exported zip file or csv to my computer?

you can export csv through email by clicking Main Menu->"Export Receipts"->"Export Data to Email" . 

To export pictures too, go down clicking Main Menu->"Export Receipts"->"Export Data and images to SDCard".  Then connect your USB
Cable to computer, at this point, select "Mount" on Android phone, then on your computer, navigate to the newly
mounted removable drive, and go down to "/sdcard/"

How do I downgrade to Receipt Filer Lite from Receipt Filer Gold?

Why would you want to do that?   Oh well, if you really really want to do it.  Uninstall your Receipt Filer Gold,
then install your Receipt Filer Lite.   Since you may have been doing a lot of power tool stuff in Receipt Filer Gold, including
"Delete All", you may have already lost some of the data from Receipt Filer Lite.   So downgrade at your own risk...

How do I add category in Receipt Filer Gold? 

You can either type in category text field of "Add/Edit Receipt" page, or click "Change" Button next to it.   "Change" button will bring up
a dialog box offering choices of various pre-existing categories, at the bottom of which has a middle button "Add New Category".

If something goes wrong, how can I recover data?

You can always export your data to computer from time to time.    

Other questions that is not specific for Receipt Filer Gold?

Please check Receipt Lite Help